CLICH HERE for your free download of “Island” (acoustic version)!

LIVE ALBUM: On November 19th The Burning of Rome released a new recording, “Live & Acoustic at The Belly Up”. After the acoustic dates we played with Volto! were so enthusiastically received, Surfdog Records suggested recording an acoustic set. Recorded at The Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA on September 22, “Live & Acoustic” features a brand new song titled “Sister Francis”.

IPA:¬†Pizza Port Brewing Co. offered it’s first craft brewed beers back in 1992. Since then they have become an established name in the craft beer scene. Ignacio Cervantes, Head Brewer for the Ocean Beach location, has created a new batch of The Burning of Rome IPA, using the same fermentation process, with the band’s music being played on continuous loop. The beer is surrounded by waves as it churns and bubbles into a tasty IPA brew. This new batch is soon to be tasted by Romans in Italy! A friend in the beer distribution business, who is pushing the craft beer scene there, tasted the IPA and asked for kegs to be shipped. Now Romans will taste the beer far and wide! Congrats to Ignacio for winning 3 medals this years Great American Beer Festival.